niedziela, 18 listopada 2012

make up bag

hello! I bet everyone heard or seen Cath Kidston stuff. Everything is flowery! And we ladies love flowers! So went to shop, purchased piece of fabric and  I made little make up bag which was a birthday gift for a friend.Did she like it? She loved it! Why? Because was oryginal and made with heart! :)

środa, 14 listopada 2012

ok.time for me now. I 've decided to make my own blog.
. Thats how happened. Since I remember mum kept sewing, and collecting "burda" magazine.Fabrics, patterns, zips, buttons, needles, threads, scissors...always with us:) as a part of family.
Sewing is my entire life. So im going to share my project here..
Hope You like it.
Welcome and enjoy!
x Aga

Thanks to my friend majuhandmade who told me about blog world,
 and also my mum [*] who is no more with us, but she inspired me.